Almost half of meat-eaters say they feel like hypocrites

A survey commissioned by Future Normal and The Vegan Society has found that almost half of British meat-eaters feel hypocritical for loving some animals while eating others.

When asked how strongly they agree with the statement ‘it’s hypocritical that we eat some animals, such as pigs, while loving others, such as dogs, and keeping them as pets’ – 47.8% of respondents agreed.

chickens hens outdoors at a farm

Respondents were also questioned whether they ever feel guilty about eating meat. Just over 40% of respondents expressed guilt, highlighting how the dietary behaviour of meat-eaters and animal lovers in Great Britain is often in contradiction with their own values.

The survey of 1000 meat-eating adults in Great Britain indicates that as vegan food and product sales boom, there is an increasing level of doubt and guilt among the omnivorous population about what they’re consuming.

These results come as the Future Normal initiative, which encourages people to reconsider their relationship with other animals, continues to gain momentum. The campaign is aimed at those who define themselves as animal lovers but are yet to make the connection between their core beliefs and the animal products they purchase and consume.

With over 85% of survey respondents classifying themselves as ‘animal lovers’ in some shape or form, the question ‘Why is one animal a friend but the other food?’ – which many veggies and vegans have been asking for decades – is back in the spotlight. Now, it appears, an increasing number of meat-eaters are beginning to ask themselves that very question.

dog in kennel at farm

Matt Turner, spokesperson for Future Normal, said:

“This survey quite clearly shows that a near majority of meat-eaters in our country are acutely aware of the guilt and hypocrisy they feel when they consume animals. We consider ourselves a nation of animal lovers, yet the behaviour of many often contradicts that very statement.

If we’re open to making changes in our lives, the Future Normal is a place we can create. Being vegan simply means living in line with the ethics that so many of us already hold in our hearts.

“What we eat is the single most effective way in which someone can protest the exploitation of animals everywhere – three times a day, when you sit down to a meal, you are making a powerful stance against animal abuse.”

If you’re thinking of making the switch to vegetarianism or veganism, check out the Happy Cow app which I always recommend for finding great places to eat in your area, and don’t hesitate to ask for any tips and suggestions I might be able to offer you, after giving up meat and dairy myself a few years ago!

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