Guest Post Guidelines

Just Can’t Settle is open to sharing guest posts from people who can provide useful insights and perspectives on things like global travel, sustainable living, mental and physical wellbeing, vegan/veggie dining, volunteering, social causes and other related topics.

If you’re thinking of sending over a guest post, please pitch the idea first to make sure that it’s suitable for the site.

When it comes to putting your post together, follow these guidelines:

  • Minimum word count is 850, but feel free to write as many as 2,000 words if you have a lot of insight to offer on a particular subject.
  • Content should be well-written and proofread. I reserve the right to make amendments prior to publication in order to ensure that all content published on Just Can’t Settle is high-quality and serves a genuine purpose for the reader.
  • While I am not averse to including links within posts, they should be in place because they add to the article or are citing a source, and should not be ill-fitting promotional links that only offer value to the site they link to and not to readers of this blog.
  • Remember that this is a site with a vegan/veggie owner and emphasis. I will not publish articles that promote, in any way, animal abuse or tourist attractions that profit from the mistreatment of animals.
  • Posts work best when they include subheadings and are broken up with images. Try to organise information clearly, using both of these things to make the piece readable. If the images you send are not your own, please cite sources.
  • Duplicate content is not of interest, so please don’t submit articles that you have also submitted elsewhere.
  • Submitting press releases is absolutely fine, but irrelevant subjects will be ignored.

If in doubt, send your idea and a short description of the piece to tabbyfarrar (at) hotmail (dot) com and we can work together to make sure it’s perfect.