Sustainable Gift Guide (2021 Edition)

Whether you're looking for something a loved one can eat or drink, experience-based gifts or homewares, accessories and more, it's never been easier to find sustainable gift options than it is now. With an increasing number of people thinking about their environmental impact, web searches for environmentally-friendly gift options doubled between 2018 and 2020. And … Continue reading Sustainable Gift Guide (2021 Edition)


Veganism vs Sustainability (A Faintly Flexible Approach)

"Well-balanced and predominantly plant-based diets can lead to improved nutrient levels, reduce premature deaths from chronic diseases by more than 20%, and lower greenhouse gas emissions, fertilizer application, and cropland and freshwater use, globally and in most regions" — that's what a 2018 report from researchers at Oxford University found, and I'm certainly not here … Continue reading Veganism vs Sustainability (A Faintly Flexible Approach)