Europe’s rudest road trip? Here’s a great summer driving route

Drivers who like to avoid taking life too seriously can now enjoy a novelty road trip around some of Europe’s most lewdly-named locations, with a new rude road trip route planned out by holiday car rental experts at

From Twatt in Scotland to Middelfart in Denmark, their team has researched Europe’s most dubious place names in order to create the ultimate road trip for travellers who like to live life on the silly side. The roadtrip covers 15 countries, over 14,800 miles and is estimated to take over 190 hours. That’s 8 full days of driving – calculated using the distance to each location if driving non-stop.

If you’ve ever been to places like Rimsting or Bendova, do let us know your travel tips for road trippers arriving in some of these salubrious destinations…

DestinationTime between (Hours) Distance between (KM)
Twatt, Orkney, Scotland To Spunkane, Co. Kerry, Ireland18 hours 1258 km
Spunkane, Co. Kerry, Ireland To Three Cocks, Wales11 hours 596 km 
Three Cocks, Wales To Brown Willy, Cornwall, England4 hours 326 km
Brown Willy, Cornwall, England To Playa de Poo, Asturias, Spain 20 hours 1441 km 
Playa de Poo, Asturias, Spain To Condom, France6 hours 516 km
Condom, France To Piscinas, Italy19 hours 1192 km
Piscinas, Italy To Clit, Romania31 hours 2314 km
Clit, Romania To Cunter (Graubünden), Switzerland 19 hours1679 km
Cunter (Graubünden), Switzerland To Rimsting, 83253, Germany16 hours1311 km
Rimsting, 83253, Germany To Fugging, Austria1 hour56 km
Fugging, Austria To Bendova, Czech Republic3 hours235 km
Bendova, Czech Republic To Asse, Belgium8 hours817 km
Asse, Belgium To Middelfart, Denmark9 hours849 km
Middelfart, Denmark To Mora, Rövhålet, Sweden11 hours 953 km
TOTAL192 hours (8 days)14,854 km
tourists take a photo near sign for Austrian town now known as Fugging

Locals who reside in some of the offensively named locations have been so ridiculed by visitors and their bad jokes, that local councils have been forced to change these historic names. 

Fugging in western Austria, which dates back to the 11th century, was recently renamed from F*cking after it became a popular stop-off point for both the media and tourists to  ridicule. 

The Mayor of Fugging, where the residents are known as f*ckiners, said dozens of their signposts were stolen, resulting in local authorities having to erect new signs in theft-resistant concrete, helping the case for the name change.

A spokesperson for said: “Those looking for the most eccentric road trip this summer should look no further. From Spunkane in Kerry, Ireland to Condom in France, Europe delivers on providing outrageous locations to give the traditional road trip an extreme edge. 

“With some councils already having to change the names of places deemed offensive, many of these places may soon have to get rid of their quirky names. 

“Stick on your cheesy playlist and visit these crude spots all across Europe – make sure to take a selfie with the rudest signposts for the perfect social media post.”

man stands with road sign for town called Clit
Well at least this guy managed to find it

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