Welcome to Vietnam!

I made it! After 18 hours and 3 flights travelling, featuring serious turbulence and a nearly-missed connection, I’m in Hanoi!

This is the busiest, maddest place I’ve ever been. Crossing the road is almost impossible and everything is a sea of people and mopeds.
Had a few drinks down Ta Hien tonight (aka Beer Street, aka Hanoi’s answer to the Khao San Road) and enjoyed 2-4-1 cocktails with free shots and shisha for the equivalent of £2.50.
Dinner and a beer cost the equivalent of £2.50 and apparently I was at a pricey tourist restaurant (Gecko) so I can’t wait to see how cheap it is to stuff my face on proper street food tomorrow! 

Time to catch up on much needed sleep, more info coming tomorrow when I’ve done some exploring! 

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