Just because you've asked for it!

I didn’t take an “all my stuff laid out on the bed” style photo for the last post because it’s actually quite difficult to get one that isn’t crap when all you’ve got is a wonky ceiling light and an iPhone. But seeing as people were questioning my ability to fit everything I need in a relatively small backpack, here’s evidence of everything I’m packing for a 3-4 month trip across three southeast Asian countries. (With the exception of my underwear, which I am not taking photos of).

Excuse the poor quality! 
Incase it isn’t clear, here’s a list: 
– passport (duh)
– plug adapters 
– 2 pairs of sunglasses (I own 50 pairs, it’s always hard to resist packing dozens)
– a folder with copies of all flight details, insurance details and any hostel addresses I’ve already booked 
– phrasebooks and a book to read on long flights and sleeper trains 
– two phones I don’t mind losing. One is a brick, the other is an iPhone 4 with a cracked screen. Waterproof case for laughs.
– waterproof digital camera 
– wind-up torch (powercuts are lame)
– mosquito net and hanging kit 
– sleeping bag liner / hostel bed bug avoider 
– mosquito repellents, suncream and after sun 
– travel wash and dry shampoo 
– deodorant and baby wipes 
– first aid kit (everything from wound closing strips to charcoal tablets)
– 3 different afterbites because I’m delicious 
– a very macho padlock 
– vitamin tablets because they were only 50p and I thought why not 
– a travel towel 
– a money belt 
– trainers I know I can hike in, and flip flops 
– 3 bikinis, 3 pairs of temple-appropriate trousers, 4 beach dresses and 5 tops
Oh and sea, sun and sweatproof eyeliner.
I’m not going away for months on end without an eyeliner I know I can trust. 

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