Review: Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake

If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you might remember that earlier this year I reviewed a Nutribuddy product called the Shake Complete. Well, they’ve kindly sent me another one of their wares to try out and to be totally honest, I actually prefer it to the shake I previously reviewed! (Which is saying something, because I was drinking that stuff every day for weeks)

This time around I’m going to give you the low down on their Breakfast Shake, another one of their vegan meal replacement shakes but this time it’s got the same nutritional value as a big ol’ bowl of oats and seeds, rather than a 100% nutritionally complete meal. Hence, it’s breakfast.

If you’re a big fan of snoozing all your alarms like I am, so you tend to wake up too late to actually make a bowl of healthy and nutritious oats before you go to work, maybe the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake is for you.

nutribuddy breakfast shake

As before, two points to remember before you carry on reading…

  1. I’m not just being nice about this product because they gifted it to me. If I think something sucks, I just don’t write about it – only things I love get good reviews!
  2. This post does contain affiliate links, which help me to earn a few quid and keep the blog going. Click ’em if you decide you’d like to try this stuff for yourself!

What are Nutribuddy all about?

recyclable plastic packaging

Nutribuddy was founded a few years ago by a 19 year-old woman who was fed up of brands claiming to be healthy or eco when they weren’t. They make a range of cool products including vegan meal replacement shakes, instant chia and coconut porridge, nutrient boosters and even a great hot chocolate alternative that helps stop you snacking on junk before bedtime.

Nutribuddy put a big emphasis on being more eco-friendly and sustainable than other brands in the same industry, and as well as using glass or cardboard packaging which can be reused and recycled, Nutribuddy also sell reusable stainless steel bottles, and steer clear of palm oil in their products.

If you try any of this brand’s products for yourself and decide you don’t love them as much as I do, they’ve even got a happiness guarantee that means you’ve got 31 days to send the product back (even after opening and using it), to switch it out for something else.

Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake: First impressions

nutribuddy breakfast shake fluffy cat

When you know it’s not a great photo, but your cat looks cute so you post it anyway

Unlike the other meal shake I tried, which came in a rose gold-ish cardboard tube, the Breakfast Shakes come in a foil pouch – accompanied by a great little glass storage jar that you can refill again and again. It’s a nice design that doesn’t clutter up your countertops, and makes it easy to see when you’re running low. The protective packaging the jar came in was labelled as being recyclable too, which is great!

There are lots of different flavours to choose from for your speedy breakfast meal shake, including chocolate and strawberry as well as the classic vanilla. Each one comes in either smooth or crunchy – crunchy being loaded with seeds like the complete shake, smooth being made with matcha green tea instead. I went for smooth strawberry, for maximum ‘I’m drinking milkshake for breakfast’ and minimum ‘this tastes like health food’ vibes.

Whereas the complete meal shakes have things like pea protein and ground flaxseeds, the Breakfast Shake keeps it simple. The ingredients list is short and sweet: gluten-free oats, chia seeds, natural flavouring, natural colouring (beetroot powder), stevia, and matcha green tea.

Making a meal in under 30 seconds

nutribuddy breakfast shake

If you’re in need of a meal you can make in under 30 seconds, while you’re brushing your teeth with one hand and shoving your feet into your shoes, I believe I have found your solution.

All you need to do to make one of these up is throw a few scoops of powder into your Nutribuddy shaker, add 400ml of whatever milk you’re using (I use sweetened soy milk, but coconut or oat also taste great) and shake it all together as you run out the door.

You might think that measuring milk would slow you down, but you are so wrong. The shaker bottles all have ‘NUTRIBUDDY’ stamped down one side – fill yours up to either the T or the R, depending on how thick you like your shakes, and you’re set to go.

You can also make these in a blender, if you fancy throwing in some extra fruit, but as long as you’ve got the magic whisk ball bit that goes in the shaker cup, no blending is actually required for the standard powder-mix-plus-milk combo. Eat/drink this running out of the door to work, on the bus to work, at your desk / in the staff room: whatever. It’s quick, it’s easy, it tastes damn good – what else do you need?!

Deliciousness rating

fluffy cat in nutribuddy box

He’s not edible, he’s just making sure I still have your attention

Oh lawd, this stuff is tasty. I’m usually more of a chocolate kinda gal, but I thought I’d feel like more of a health goddess if I drank something fruity for breakfast than if I drank something chocolatey, so I committed  to the smooth strawberry version instead. I am very pleased with that decision.

The mix doesn’t taste overly sugary or at all artificial – probably because it’s all made with natural, organic ingredients, chemical-free and without any added nasties. It tastes like a proper strawberry milkshake, rather than one you’ve just made in 20 seconds with one hand, though you can crank up the sweetness by making it with coconut milk if you’re that way inclined.

Unlike the other shake I tried, and unlike most meal shakes, there is absolutely no gritty texture to the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake. The matcha green tea version is perfectly smooth, so if you’re not keen on bits or just want a change, it’s definitely a good choice.

Staying fuelled until lunchtime

nutribuddy breakfast shake

I’ve been heading to the gym a bit more lately than I was doing earlier in the year, so my appetite has definitely increased. As a result, I wasn’t actually expecting these shakes to keep me full until lunch; usually if I manage to eat a bowl of cereal or a couple of slices of toast before I leave the house, I’m hungry again by 10am and have worked my way through a range of snacks before I get to lunchtime.

Well, colour me surprised, because if I drink the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake at 8.15am as I’m throwing myself into the world to get to work for 8.45, I can honestly say I don’t get hungry again until around midday. I’m also pretty confident my energy levels are higher throughout the morning as a result, and can definitely attest to my concentration being better when I’m not thinking about what I’m going to eat next every 20 minutes.

All in all, trialling these bad boys has been a resounding success. Whether you need a quick fix to get you through the morning or you’re 1000% better at getting up than I am and just don’t want to spend time making breakfast when you could be doing other things, do give these tasty shakey things a try.

If you’d like to give them a spin yourself, head on over to the Nutribuddy website where you can find out more about the brand and all the other products they sell.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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