The most popular vegan street food trucks in the UK and USA

Whether you’re travelling or exploring your local city, food trucks are a great way to taste some of the best street food from around the world. Just about anywhere you go, you can find street food markets and food festivals that make it easy to eat awesome local cuisine without spending a fortune – and now, have put together a map of some of the best-loved options in the UK and USA.

Seeing as it even gives you the option of filtering by vegan/veggie food trucks, it seemed only right that I share some of the highlights with you lovely folks. Their choices were selected because they had the most likes on Instagram – so I’ve added a few of my own favourites into the mix as well, because their food kicks ass and they darn well deserve to be here too.

The most-liked vegan food trucks in the UK

greedy khao london vegan street food truck
It won’t come as much surprise to my fellow UK inhabitants that food trucks in London and Brighton made the cut, but Manchester’s Ottö-Men has also been heaped with well-deserved praise.

1. Greedy Khao (London) – If you like authentic, kick-ass Thai food and are looking for a vegan option, this 100% plant-based food truck is a dream come true. Aside from having a killer floral vibe, the Greedy Khao truck serve up Thai food so good you’ll wander if you’ve drifted off and woken up in Bangkok. Find them on Thursdays and Fridays at KERB West India Quay and KERB King’s Cross.

2. The Green Grill (Brighton) – This all-vegan food truck lives and breathes junk food – but does it while making it good for your body, the planet, and animals. Fans rate the vegan mac and cheese highly, along with a Red Devil burger made from a beetroot bun and kidney beans – but there are plenty of other burgers as big as your head to get stuck into, as well as fully loaded vegan hot dogs.

3. The Ottö-Men (Manchester) – Mediterranean and Ottoman cuisines are a unique combination of flavours, and this food truck serves vegan-friendly mezze and wraps all over Manchester. Offering food that’s seasonal, halal and downright delicious, expect falafel and houmous but like you’ve never had it before.

the otto men manchester food truck
4. Happy Maki (Brighton) – You like sushi? You like burritos? How do you feel about sushi burritos? Now make them all vegan. Oh, and for every wrap you buy, a tree gets planted and a child gets fed. It’s so good, it’s actually a bit ridiculous. Happy Maki are all over social media right now and for good reason. Get your butt there to eat vegan takes on a ‘cod’ tartare and avocado mega-maki, hoisin ‘duck’ and other delectable dishes.

5. Earthlings Street Food (Brighton) – On Tuesdays and Thursdays at Sussex Uni and on Fridays at at the Street Diner market, Earthlings dish up varied morsels from cheeseburgers and fries to Malaysian curry. All vegan, all restaurant-quality, what’s not to love?

Other UK vegan food trucks that deserve a mention

Club Mexicana (London) – For totally killer Mexican-inspired street food and other comforting junk goodness, find these guys at three locations all over London and prepare to be wowed. I’ve eaten at their Shoreditch and Camden locations and can’t get enough of their supersized wraps, cheez sticks and nachos.  The joyous burgers and OTT tacos are worth a shout as well.

club mexicana vegan street food

Club Mexicana, London

TFI Vegan (Ipswich) –  Ipswich is not exactly a hub of vegan goodness, which makes it all the more awesome that TFI Vegan exists. If you wind up in this neck of the woods, find them at Ipswich market for all your double cheezburger, ‘chicken’ popper and peanut butter rocky road doughnut needs. Yep.

The most-liked vegan food trucks in the USA

Alright now let me start by saying, there’s tonnes of good stuff missing from this short list of highlights. So in the name of all that is good in the world, please get in touch with your favourites and I will gladly add them here! These are the big hitters that made the Compare the Market top selection, which was decided based on who had the most love on Instagram.

The USA is a big place and it’s had killer vegan food way longer than the UK… so yeah, this is the tip of the iceberg. A few winning options to check out if you’re in California or Texas, but I’d love to extend this list so give me your tips if you have any!

1 – Word of Mouth Truck (Los Angeles, CA) – I got really hungry looking at this page. I mean, I got hungry looking at all of them because everything looks so damn good, but jebus would you look at those sliders. This 100% vegan food truck offer classic treats like buffalo cauliflower wings, and a stellar sweet potato and black bean patty.

2 – VCHOS Truck (Los Angeles, CA) – If you don’t know much about Salvadoran food, it’s time to get to know.  I have it on good authority that the VCHOS truck serves the best pupusas in town, with the vegan-friendly bean pupusas well worth getting in your gob. If you fancying something sweet, try their platano plate, which is caramelised Colombian plantains and mashed beans. This isn’t a totally vegan truck, but the offerings for herbivores are well thought-out and full of flavour.

3 – Four Brothers (Austin, TX) First El Salvador, now Venezuela – Four Brothers offer the best of Venezuelan cuisine from arepas to empanadas, and their Instagram is filled with evidence of just how glorious it all is. Again this isn’t a fully vegan food truck, but there are some great vegan options on the menu.

Other USA vegan food trucks that deserve a mention

v grits vegan food truck
V-Grits (Lousville, KY) – With excellent dish names like the Where Do You Get Your Protein? burger, served up alongside vegan takes on traditional southern favourites – ‘chicken’ and waffles, ‘crab’ cake po-boys and loaded mac & cheese to name a few, you’d be mad to miss V-Grits if you’re in the area. 100% vegan, 100% rad.

Kind Kravings (Wichita, KS) – Not only all vegan, but also all organic and with a huge focus on sustainability, Kind Kravings offer comfort food done right. Cinnamon roll pancakes, biscuits and gravy, a tempeh reuben sandwich and cauliflower tacos are just a few of the cracking options on the menu.

Got other suggestions? Let me know!

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