Review: Proverb Refillable, Natural Deodorant

If you’ve been wondering whether natural deodorant can actually work, you’re in the right place. Proverb recently got in touch and, full disclosure, asked if I’d like to try their refillable deodorant free of charge in return for an honest review. Naturally, I said yes.

I’ve tried other natural deodorant previously – namely alum salt rocks – and found that while they did stop me from turning into a ball of stink over the course of the day, they weren’t any good at stopping sweating. Deodorant yes, antiperspirant no. And based on other people’s disappointing experiences with other popular natural deodorant brands, I hadn’t yet tried any of the properly plant-powered options.

I am always keen to reduce unnecessary waste wherever possible, so Proverb’s refillable design made the all-natural formula even more appealing. And the best part is, so far, my expert testing (aka rubbing it on my armpits every day) seems to be showing that this stuff really does do the job of keeping you stink-free and smelling fresh. Here’s the lowdown in full.

proverb skincare refillable deodorant case

What’s Proverb deodorant made from?

According to the detailed booklet that came with my starter set, Proverb’s eco-friendly deodorant is made from:

  • Bayberry Wax (fruit wax that gives the stick structure)
  • Arrowroot OR Cornflour (help to absorb moisture in your armpit – Arrowroot is used in the Sensitive version, cornflour in the core range)
  • Candelilla & Carnauba Wax (skin softeners that also help with structure and the stick’s gliding action)
  • Tapioca Starch (another moisture absorber)
  • Magnesium (balances natural pH while killing the bacteria that cause odours)
  • Chia & Broccoli Seed Oil (anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties
  • Caprylic Trigylceride (that doesn’t sound very natural, but it’s a fatty acid from coconut oil that keeps the deodorant smooth while preventing moisture loss from your skin)
  • Glyceryl Caprylate (I had to Google this one to be sure, but it’s made from vegetable oil and acts as both a product stabiliser, and a moisturiser)

There are three different formulas for Proverb deodorants; Active, Core, and Sensitive. If you go for the Active formula, your deodorant will also include sodium bicarbonate to give some extra oomph to the fight against body odour. For the Sensitive version, this is left out.

What does Proverb smell like?

Proverb’s Sensitive option is unfragranced, but if you go for Active or Core, you can choose from Wild Mint & Eucalyptus or Coconut & Tonka. I opted for the Wild Mint & Eucalyptus option and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it smells. It’s absolutely glorious. I’d genuinely go so far as to say that you will never want to smell of boring, artificial-smelling ordinary deodorant again after you’ve smelled this stuff, because it’s so much more pleasing on the nose.

The first time I put it on, my immediate thought was “I really hope I stay smelling like this all day, because this great”.

proverb skincare refillable deodorant stick

Is Proverb actually more sustainable than other deodorants?

The short answer is yes. Like other refillable deodorants, the perk of buying Proverb is that you’re not going to be throwing away a plastic container or pressurised can every time you finish your deodorant. The plastic casing is designed to be refilled time and time again, you just order refills of the deodorant stick itself, which are delivered in biodegradable wrapping made from (as you can see above) sugar cane, hemp and linen. They claim to be the largest refillable deodorants available on the market right now, meaning more time between refill purchases, too.

While there is no mass-produced consumer product that is truly, 100% sustainable, this stuff is certainly WAY more so than the typical deodorants you’ll find in Boots and Superdrug. Plus, because it’s made with plants (no aluminium, aerosol gases, petroleum or parabens here) the environmental impact of production and use is also less – it’s not just about the packaging.

Does Proverb deodorant really work?

My personal experience: yes! While Proverb state that 93% of their customers say the product works from them, I didn’t want to be too optimistic – that’s still 7% of people who have tried it and decided it doesn’t do the job. Everyone’s bodies are different, and I know that even when it comes to traditional deodorants there have been some I’ve tried in the past that don’t seem to do anything at all for me, even though they work for other people. But the good news is, so far I’m finding this deodorant really does work. I’m using the Core formula rather than the Active, but a week into testing I’ve had nothing but great results so far.

As well as smelling fabulous and stopping me being a sweaty mess, Proverb is also working wonders as moisturiser and skin softener. I shave my armpits every other day and I can’t say they’re always thrilled about it, but one of the benefits of using Proverb has been that my skin is now soooooo soft and happy from the moisturising elements. Which I am obviously pleased about.

How much does Proverb cost, and how long does it last?

A starter kit including a refillable case and supersize stick that lasts for around three months costs £15, with lots of reviews saying that their stick actually lasted considerably longer.

You can buy refills individually or in pairs, or if you’re forgetful and likely to run out before you remember to order, you can set up a rolling subscription that reduces the price to £12 per three month supply. If you do go for the subscription option, Proverb give you the choice of deliveries every month, two months or three months, so if you are getting through your sticks at superspeed there’s no need to worry.

FYI, you really only need to swipe your armpits two to three times on each side – it’s really tempting to just keep going and use twice as much because this stuff feels AMAZING and leaves your armpits super soft, but you don’t actually need to and using less obviously means the stick will last longer.

Alright, where do I buy it?

If you want to try Proverb for yourself, you can buy it at

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