I lied!

I said I’d be back months ago, but I must confess – I’ve been too busy writing other people’s blogs instead! Such is the way of things back in the UK.
I was planning on posting about Ghana next, but in the time it’s taken me to actually log back in again I’ve had some other ideas. Sorry Ghana, your time will come!
I’ve been doing a fair few “top 100″s and “best of” posts for other people – so before I move too far on from the adventures I’ve had in Southeast Asia  this year and last, I’m going to make y’all a few Top 5s and Top 10s, as well as must-not-misses for your own adventures.
Then onto Ghana right? Noooo, sorry again, Ghanaian food posts and mona monkey encounters. You’re being pushed back behind the French alps, because winter is coming and we can’t just talk about tropical sunshine the whole time. I’ll be writing about ski season life (with a little help from some friends) and why it’s worth finding a way to infiltrate the affluent ski-bum masses if you’re a budget nomad in search of something new.

My faithful Bataleon, Yaga


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